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 BDE Windows 7
   BDE for Vista  
 GPS for Google Earth  
 Cache for Google Earth  
 Sun - Moon
 Quick PocketSetup 
 LandMap Vivo 
 Paradox Doctor  
Free download of trial versions:
The following programs are trial version. Trial version contains the same funcionality as the correspoinding full version , but they are time limited.
If you want to use the program after the trial period has expired you must register the program.
After registration one may convert the trial version into a full version by a password (licence key).

   BDE eXpress Windows 7 
   BDE eXpress for Vista 
   GPS for Google Earth 
   Cache for Google Earth 
   LandMap Vivo
   Quick PocketSetup
   Sun-Moon CE for PocketPC
 Paradox Doctor 6
   QuickReport Viewer
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